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A wounded heart  can't be so easily healed.  An open wound never closes and the pain can never be fully supressed...
~ Sasame ep.7

 Sasame ~ Knight of Sound

    I'll be honest with you guys right from the beginning.  
    I. Do. Not. Like. Sasame.
    So this character analysis prolly won't be very flattering.  I will admit that he is a very sympathetic character who really understands the pain of others, and doesn't simply try to brush it aside.  He has felt the same pain, though he hides it well.  He is also a very self-sacrificing character, both idealy and physically; he gives up his life to save the woman he loves, and in doing so, redeems himself only slightly in my eyes.  This is about the only good I have to say about him.
    I apologize now, coz most of this is going to be reasons why I dislike his character.  The top reason being that he turns against his friends, fights them and even tries to kill them, for a woman who is only using him.  He's whipped, and I have no respect for that.  I believe that if he had truly loved Takako he would have tried to save her, not join her side.  There are always other ways to do things, giving up your principles is not usually the right one.  But even before he turned on the Knights and Himeno, I didn't like his character.  He creeped me out, I can't explain why.  It could be my own feelings towards people trying to get to close that makes me say this, but he definetly invades Himeno's personal space, and she's obviously uncomfortable with it.  Primarily though, it is the way he handles the Takako situation.  If you love somebody, you don't help them along on their path to self-destruction, you help to save them!
    Also, what he does to Mawata is cruel.  He takes her weaknesses and uses them against her to destroy what's left of her.  This is unforgivable.
    Sorry again to all the Sasame-lovers out there, but this is my opinion.  You are welcome to disagree with it, but I doubt if anyone would be able to change my mind about him, though you're welcome to try.

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