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"'re wrong...because if I give in, I can't...protect everyone.  That's why..."
~Himeno (ep.7)

Himeno and Hayate Awayuki Himeno~age 16
'I won't give in...'
I believe this is the defining character of Himeno.  She's a strong girl, stubborn, head-strong and with a shorter fuse than  a vial of nitroglycerin, but at the same time, she's the most understanding and self-sacrificing character of the series.
    Himeno, in my opinion, is one of the most rounded characters in any anime I've ever seen.  While she is all the things I've mentioned above, these characteristics do not become who she really is.  Her strength, both physical and emotional has it's limits.  We see a real person, trying to convince herself that she's good enough, but never really believing it.  She depends on the Leafé Knights, but at the same time, she is able to stand alone.  
    Her explosive (for lack of a better word) relationship with Hayate brings out all the sides of her personality:  her temper, her tendency to jump to conclusions, her ability to recognize when she is wrong, her need for assurance and approval,  and her struggle between showing her emotions and hiding them deep inside.
    Most people would only see the 'genki', smiling, bubbly, quick to recover side of Himeno, but I see it all as a mask.  She's been hurt, and she's hiding it, so well in fact, that she even convinces herself that she is happy. . . at least for a time.
    Above all, however, is her inability to give in.  She will not lose.  And this makes her the Prétear that she is truly destined to be, and the reason why I love her character so much.

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