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"We were all searching for a Prétear, and we found you.  In this vast world I found you..."
~Hayate (ep. 12)

Hayate~Knight of Wind       Hayate

    In the words of another, Hayate looks like your typical dark, brooding bishounen, but he certainly doesn't act like it.  Of course, like almost everyone in the series, he spends a fair amount of time brooding, but quiet? Oh ho ho! I don't think so.  From his first, shall we say ::cough:: shocking ::cough:: encounter with Himeno, right away we know that he has a temper to match Prétear's, and a subtle, mocking sense of humour.
    Like Himeno, he projects an image, which as the series progresses, one can immediately see as a defense-mechanism.  He's been hurt be his past, and is afraid of repeating his mistakes, though this time he's got a teensy tinesy bit of a problem...he actually DOES have feelings for the Prétear this time, causing a good deal blushing and endless entertainement for all involved.
    He is fiercely protective of Himeno, though he tries not to show it (ie. he stops her from tripping then promptly lets her fall unceremoniously to the ground).  Along with Himeno, Hayate is one of my favourite characters.  He has been hurt by his past, but he doesn't let himself be completely destroyed or brought down by it (see Sasame).

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