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"Do you regret it?  That you made me into Prétear...that you met me?  I don't regret it.  I'm glad I became Prétear, because I was able to meet you..."
~Himeno (ep. 12)

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Welcome minna-san!!
Thank you for dropping in on my humble Prétear page...I'm warning you right now, this page is absolutely dripping with spoilers...actually...did I say SPOILERS?  I meant full episode downloads...though not all of them's a work in progress...hence...spoilers for now...
Why? you ask...this is because I am aware of how difficult this anime is to find, and it is such a beautiful story that I think it's a shame to lose it because it is not available outside of Japan yet.  So this is my contribution, one of the few english language Prétear sites out there.

  I hope that I may do it justice.

Keo Himeno-neechan

ps. I'm currently under construction..::trips over a broken please visit back often...

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disclaimer:  all the quotes are courtesy of those fan-subbers responsible for allowing me to watch Prétear, therefore the words are theirs, though the ideas belong to ASUKA.  I am not doing this for profit (like I could get anyone to pay me anyways...hehe)

please ask me before taking anything from my page...